Provides The Only Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection Service, and Decreases The Likelihood of Victimization.

Comprehensive ID Theft Protection

Coverage Includes

Anti-virus and Spyware Protections

Our advanced antivirus and spyware protection protects your computer from various threats that are frequently lead to identity theft.

Bank Account Security Alerts

The bank account security alerts will notify you when someone might be using your identity at a bank to open an new credit account.

College Student Protection

We strive to protect everyone in your family, even when they are away from home earning a higher education.

Stop Pre-Approved Credit Offers

Stopping pre-approved credit and insurance offerings will never be easier. We will help to opt out of an prescreened offers, which lowers your chances of becoming a victim to identity theft. Partner Member

Being a member of ID Cuffs also gives you exclusive membership to the ID Channel to help you stay up to date with identity protection news.

Subscription to the Identity Times

With your membership, you will also be giving a free monthly subscription to Identity Times magazine.

Credit Bureau Fraud Alerts

The best method to prevent others from fraudulently using your identity is to have fraud alerts through Credit Bureau. With ID Cuffs, you can receive these alerts instantly through email or text.

Child Identity Protection

The rate of child identity theft is 51 times higher than the rate for adults. ID Cuffs designed our family plan with a discounted rate for the second member of the family, and additional members are free, which includes children.

Free Annual Credit Reports

ID Cuffs works with all three credit reporting agencies and will get your annual credit report from them.

Data Breach Protection

There have been more recorded date breaches than the entire U.S. population. The rate of data breaches is increasing, and ID Cuffs has developed this service to help navigate these uncertain waters.

Victim Restoration Assistant

ID Cuffs know how to help you restore your losses and will assist you step by step to make certain you reimbursed as soon as possible.

Stop Telemarketing Calls

Identity thieves execute many of their scams via the phone. ID Cuffs will work with the National Do Not Call Registry to make certain you and your family are listed to avoid these calls.

ID Theft Protection Company Comparison


Denis G. Kelly, CEO of ID Cuffs, Inc. & Author of The Official Identity Theft Prevention Handbook, and nation’s leading identity theft prevention expert discusses how companies and consumers are both being affected by identity theft.

“As Featured on National TV, Radio & Print”

ID Cuffs offers the leading comprehensive identity theft protection service. Credit monitoring services assist after the fact, and this requires vigilant tracking  by the consumer. While detection is an important component of an overall defense strategy, ID Cuffs emphasizes prevention – why detect an accident if you can prevent it? ID Cuffs takes a partnership approach with our consumers to provide the best overall protection.

  • "After making a comparison with the other id protection services, I decided that yours is the best. I have been lucky not to have my identity stolen but several of my friends have not been so lucky so  I am going to recommend this service to my friends and family."
    Keasha Thomas
  • "I didn't respond to the alert messages and I figured I should see what was going on. They told me that my account with a credit card company was cancelled because I didn't use it and I never cancelled it. I am grateful that was the only information that was not correct and I was very surprised that ID Cuffs was able to alert me about this."
    Terry Perkins
  • "ID Cuffs is awesome, they update me on my credit score and so I know that it is current. This is essential as it has enabled me with the tools to increase my score by 250 points in six months. A credit score of 720 or higher is a lot easier to obtain than I expected with the right monitoring and protection."
  • "I have been testing a few different services for ID Protection and I decided to use id cuffs.  It gives me my credit ratings from all three credit rating companies, they updated me on any changes to my credit report, and can notify me instantly if someone is attempting to steal my identity. The virus and malware protection are also a huge added benefit also. I was paying $80 for just that and now I can save that money. IDCuffs offers a peace of mind and I do not have to use several different companies and that's I chose them."
    Steve G.
  • "The great thing about ID Cuffs is that you are not just getting around the clock protection you are also getting education and restoration assistance. I have had my identity stolen twice before and now I am confident it wont happen again."
    Robert Hubert
  • "Before ID Cuffs, selecting a theft protection services was like throwing darts blind folded. They are the only company I could find that offers a true around the clock protection. It is a peace of mind and I am truly grateful."
    Nancy B.
  • "Great service and truly knowledgeable people. I was very impressed with the answers I was provided with and they made me feel comfortable knowing I didn't have to worry anymore about someone stealing my identity again."
    Kellen Slaski
  •   "When I found the website I was not sure if it really offered me the protection and updates like it mentioned. I have used my bank and ID Cuffs offers more protection for a less money and the customer support is excellent."
    Mike Lorenzo